Economic Impact of Camping in British Columbia


to British Columbia's
GDP annually


of British Columbians
are campers!


jobs added to BC's


mental health and
wellness benefits


Campground Members

The British Columbia Lodging and Campgrounds Association (BCLCA) represents the interests of British Columbia’s Privately Owned campgrounds in a variety of ways, including marketing the camping and RVing lifestyle in BC, advocating for members at all levels of government, and facilitating programs and services that support their businesses. 

Social & Cultural Impacts

In addition to tangible and measurable economic benefits, a variety of social impacts are a natural result of the outdoor hospitality industry:

  • Celebrating Canada and its stunning natural landscapes by facilitating accommodation options in a variety of locations from coast to coast.

  • Camping provides travel and leisure options to a broad range of socioeconomic levels, giving more Canadians the ability to travel, enjoy nature, and make memories that last a lifetime.

  • Recent expansion of camping products and options in the Outdoor Hospitality industry has made the camping and RVing lifestyle more accessible and desirable to diverse demographics.

  • As demonstrated during the pandemic, exposure to the outdoors has a significant positive impact on the mental wellbeing of Canadians.