What is a Campground?

Clear designation of the parameters and features of a campground assist the industry in communicating the specific standards that define and qualify campground businesses.

Campground Definition

Recreational establishments that offer accommodation in ready-to-camp units or on camp sites composed of permanent sites to accommodate tents or recreational camping vehicles, motorized or not, including services.


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Campgrounds may, but are not required to, offer a variety of services – such as hydro, water, sewage and/ or recreational activities – to campground guests that support the recreational nature of their business.

Clarification of Campground Definition

A “Campground” is a recreational facility that offers temporary or seasonal access to the vacationing and traveling public for use of individual campsites at a set rate.

Campsites are equipped for use by all types Recreational Vehicles such as Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels, Truck Campers, Folding Campers, Motor Homes and Park Model RVs. Campsites may also accommodate camping equipment including Tents and “Rental Units” such as cabins and yurts. Mobile Homes as described below are strictly prohibited in a Campground.

“Mobile Home” means a transportable, single or multiple section single family dwelling of residential occupancy and conforming with CSA Z-240 Series of standards at time of manufacture. It is ready for occupancy upon completion of set-up in accordance with required factory recommended installation details.

“Campground” shall mean a parcel of land used for camping or for the parking of recreational vehicles, intended for temporary seasonal use by the vacationing and travelling public, such vehicles would include: motor homes, travel trailers, fifth wheel trailers, truck campers, tent trailers and park model trailers. Rental Cabins intended for seasonal use are also permitted in a Campground but manufactured homes as described herein are strictly prohibited