Campground Expansion, Addition & Improvements

CCRVC requests that the Government recognizes the economic impact and significance of Canadian Private Campgrounds with greater investment, grants, resources, and marketing initiatives to facilitate desperately needed expansion of existing facilities and new campground developments to meet increased demand in camping destinations.

RV Sales are Outpacing Campsite Inventory

The importance of Canadian Private Campgrounds has been brought to the forefront since the COVID 19 pandemic when we saw more and more Canadians look towards camping for the first time as a safe and healthy way to get outdoors and vacation responsibly. Campgrounds offer the opportunity for families to spend time together, to create lifelong memories, and discover Canada’s natural landscape and they have never been as important to the well being of Canadians and international travellers as they have demonstrated over the last 3 years.

During COVID, North American RV Wholesale Shipments surpassed 600,000 units in 2021 and are expected to be just over 500,000 in 2022. Typically, Canadian Shipments are about 10% of the overall total so we saw 53,183 new units in 2021 hit the road while expecting a further 44,000 new RVs in 2022.

Add these new RVs on the road to the nearly 2.4 Million Canadians current RV owners from our last report in 2020 and you can clearly see the demand for more camping destinations in the country.

New Units

hit the road in 2021!

The Canadian RV and Camping Industry closely monitors consumers and their RV and camping experiences. We are hearing from them that there are not sufficient camping destinations in Canada and there is a desperate need to facilitate the expansion of existing campgrounds and new developments to meet the increased demand.

Investment in Outdoor Hospitality

CCRVC requests that the Government recognize the economic impact and importance of Private Campgrounds with increased investment, grants, resources and marketing to support the desperately needed expansion of existing facilities and new campground developments.