Wheatland County Seeking More Information Regarding High Eagle Campground Building Issues

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Alberta’s Wheatland County Council is observing the dangers that the location of structures at the High Eagle Campground in Rosebud might pose. The council is also looking into the legal responsibility of the county concerning the structures, a report said.

The debate was brought up because of the erosion along Severn Creek, which threatens to ruin the currently constructed temporary campground structures.

A cited risk would be the ground underneath some of the structures falling off along the banks or softening, causing the structures to collapse.

The county administration had suggested at the November 16 session for the council to instruct the administration to draft a report for the Municipal Planning Commission to move the structures at High Eagle Campground.

The estimated cost by the administration to move the structures that did not conform to the land use bylaw was around CA$100,000.

Six out of the seven buildings at the campground do not meet the bylaw standards.

With one structure being grandfathered, the administration suggested moving the five structures by 100 feet from their present positions to conform to the regulations and not be in danger of being damaged by flooding.

County Sheriff Amber Link said her preference was to stay away from the topic until more details about liabilities and costs associated with removing structures were gathered.

Councilor Glenn Koester suggested delaying the request for a decision on the issue until further information regarding the county’s legal obligations and the mitigations could be implemented. The motion was approved without opposition.

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