Vulcan Residents File Petition Against Proposed RV Park

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Three hundred fifty-seven. That’s the number of residents a proposed four-season RV park near a golf course in Vulcan, Alberta has to convince in order to push through.

The Whispering Greens Homeowners Association filed the petition against Pristine Homes’s project on June 27, carrying the 357 signatures of those who are opposed to the proposal to rezone land by the back nine of the golf course for the RV park development.

Elaine Felt, the association’s executive, said that residents of Vulcan and Vulcan County, business owners, employees, and members of the Vulcan Golf and Country Club believe that the lots should remain zoned R1 residential and that the proposed development is not in the best interests of residents, businesses, or Vulcan.

“The developer does not live in Vulcan and will not endure the negative impact of the proposal, but we will,” Felt said. “We urge the town councilors to carefully consider the sustained wellbeing and future growth of Vulcan, and say ‘no’ to this proposal.”

Seventy lots would be for sale in the gated RV park that seeks to accommodate an older group. If approved, the development would be an “elite RV community.”

“We are catering to the older group that doesn’t want to be roughing it when they’re camping,” Henry Dekort of Pristine Homes said. “We are catering to the people that are a little bit better-heeled.”

Mayor Tom Grant said the council has yet to receive an official proposal from Pristine Homes to rezone the lots. After the council gives the proposal its first reading, then the petition will be considered and verified.

This story originally appeared on The Vulcan Advocate.

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