Strathcona County Residents Continue to Oppose RV Resort Expansion

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Strathcona County (Alberta) residents continue to fight an RV resort’s expansion, voicing out their concerns to halt the project.

Half Moon Lake Campground and RV Resort plans to expand the 139-acre property from the current 235 RV locations up to 631 RV sites, 32 glamping sites, and ten cabins. However, residents are concerned that the development will affect property value, damage the ecology surrounding the site, and cause more traffic and noise.

According to a report, Sunchaser RV Resorts, the company that owns the property, hosted a public meeting in late November.

Residents say Sunchaser didn’t address all of their questions and came across as unprepared.

“They made no commitments. Sunchaser‘s response to our concerns were weak or vague,” explained Dr. Kevin Timoney, an ecologist and resident representing residents in the area. 

“Some concerns they could not address at all. In short, as a result of the meeting, our concerns have increased.”

Sunchaser believes that the meeting went smoothly and allowed the company to discuss its plans and ease some fears.

“We welcomed the feedback from the participants and believe we addressed several of the concerns raised and have taken others under advisement as we work thru the application with the county,” explained Rick LeBouthillier, a partner at Sunchaser RV Resorts.

“All in all, we believe the meeting was productive in better understanding all sides and was done so in a responsible matter by all parties.”

LeBouthillier said that common issues raised included environmental impacts, lake quality, and traffic.

Sunchaser said it’s difficult to alter some residents’ opinions; however, the company believes the advantages of expanding will change minds. The company cited benefits include having a family-friendly facility close by and minimizing environmental impacts by switching to municipal sewer and water.

Residents said that the fight would not end, and they will keep trying to stop the expansion.

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