Sexsmith Campground Fees to See Increase

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Sexsmith Council (Alberta) has given two readings of Bylaw 1044 relating to the increase of rates for campground and ball diamonds. The bylaw is scheduled for a third reading at an upcoming meeting.

According to a report, the ball diamonds now cost CA$400 per weekend, and a long-weekend fee was eliminated. The council also introduced a non-profit rate of CA$200 for a weekend rental.

Campground fees will now be CA$30 a day, an increase of CA$2 from last year.

The campground’s monthly and weekly rates were adjusted to align with the new rate for daily use.

The new weekly rate is CA$180/week. The new monthly rate will be CA$720 per month. Previously it was CA$168 per week and CA$600 per month.

“I’ve always been a little concerned that maybe the discount is too much,” said Councilor Siggelkow.

Siggelkow pointed out that costs for cleaning and firewood are the same regardless of one party staying longer.

“I think camping is supposed to be relatively inexpensive, and $720 is not,” said Councilor Froehlick.

Mayor Potter believes that the new monthly cost is reasonable since the town campground has water hookups and a nearby fish pond.

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