Parks Canada Seeks Input on Land Use Planning and Development Services in Jasper National Park

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Parks Canada has recently announced that it is seeking input from Canadians on the delivery of land use planning and development services in Jasper National Park, specifically within the town boundaries of the Municipality of Jasper.

As per a press release, the Municipality of Jasper has requested that land use planning and development services be expanded to include responsibility for these services.

Parks Canada has been responsible for administering and delivering these services to residents and businesses within Jasper National Park while ensuring that the park is protected for present and future generations. The collaboration with Indigenous partners, stakeholders, and other levels of government aims to safeguard ecological integrity while providing high-quality and meaningful experiences to visitors.

The public input process will determine who should carry out what land use planning and development responsibilities within the Town of Jasper and how the Municipality of Jasper and Parks Canada could work together to deliver these services.

The input process will run from March 6, 2023, to April 3, 2023, and interested members of the public are encouraged to provide their feedback directly to Parks Canada. Additionally, two public information sessions will be held in Jasper on Thursday, March 16, to facilitate discussions and opinions on potential impacts within the national park’s community.

During the information sessions, participants will have an opportunity to provide their opinions on Parks Canada’s responsibility to manage commercial development, ensuring that ecological integrity remains the priority, planning approvals, community planning, and protecting Jasper’s unique town character. Private campground owners or operators should pay particular attention to these discussions, as any land-use planning and development services changes may affect their businesses.

After the public input process, Parks Canada will publish a What We Heard Report summarizing the feedback received and outlining the following steps to respond to the request from the Municipality of Jasper. Private campground owners or operators in the area should closely follow the process and provide their input to ensure their voices are heard.

Parks Canada’s public input process seeks to explore a potential new model for the delivery of land use planning and development services in Jasper National Park. Private campground owners or operators in Canada should take note of this development, as any changes to these services may impact their operations. Interested parties must provide feedback during the input process to ensure their opinions are heard and considered.

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