New Travel Alberta Tourism Initiative to Benefit Mountain View County

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Travel Alberta, the tourism agency for the province of Alberta (Canada), is developing a new initiative expected to positively impact the Cochrane-Rocky Mountain House tourism corridor and Mountain View County.

According to a report by Cochrane Today, the initiative will focus on rural tourist opportunities, including accommodation opportunities in the county and other rural areas.

According to Chris Atchison, the director of legislative community and agricultural services, the project will involve communities along the entire corridor and include tourism opportunities in the county.

Atchison presented a quarterly report to the council and said that the initiative would be a significant component of the plan, with camping being a highlighted activity for people to come out and experience.

Canada’s private campground owners and operators can benefit from this initiative as it will attract more tourists.

The initiative is also expected to benefit Mountain View County residents and businesses. The council is optimistic about the potential benefits the initiative could bring to the county, including more tourism opportunities and a boost to the local economy.

Atchison said that the initiative would focus on encouraging more accommodation opportunities within Mountain View County and other rural areas where tourism wants to go. He also noted that the West Country, west of Sundre and Cremona, would be a significant component of the plan, with camping continuing to be a significant part of the initiative.

The Travel Alberta initiative is still under development, but the council is excited about the potential it brings to the area.

As per its website, Travel Alberta is a convener for regional destination organizations, businesses, and economic development organizations that make up the visitor economy. They lead, influence, and coordinate destination development and promotion activities, considering the needs of visitors, residents, businesses, and the environment.

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