Mountain View County Considers Redesignation for Luxury Glamping Retreat

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A proposed land use bylaw redesignation for a glamping retreat facility with luxury tent accommodations in the Water Valley/Winchell Lake area (Alberta, Canada) has received its first reading.

As per a report from Mountain View Today, the redesignation is from the agriculture district to a direct control district and includes a map amendment to the area structure plan to change a portion in NE 10-29-5-5 from residential low-density to commercial recreational. 

Council gave the first reading of the proposed changes during the February  22 council meeting, which was held in person and online.

The land amendment is to accommodate Tranquility Base, a glamping resort on a 40.41-acre parcel of land, offering a unique experience to a standard RV or camping development. 

According to the applicant’s information package presented during the February 22 council meeting, the proposal is to create a luxury glamping retreat for guests to connect with nature in a beautiful setting. The year-round facility will feature seven family-style tents that can accommodate four people and 14 double occupancy suites, accommodating up to 56 guests. 

The proposed site for the Tranquility Base facility is located approximately 11.25 miles southwest from Cremona, south of Twp. Rd. 292 and west of Rge. Rd. 52, about three kilometers south of Water Valley and two kilometers west of the Water Valley Golf and Country Club.

The direct control district regulations under the land use bylaw of the county state that a glamping retreat means a facility that provides overnight accommodation for guests and associated uses for patrons but does not include an event facility. 

To support the application for direct control district, the submission of engineering reports, including water supply evaluation, site servicing, traffic impact assessment, sanitary site servicing, a stormwater management plan, and a biophysical assessment, are required.

The proposed motion for the Tranquility Base facility was met with a proposed motion put forward by Coun. Gord Krebs, calling for council members to be provided with letters of concern from residents before the public hearing. However, council members defeated the motion, stating that the public hearing agenda package would include letters from nearby residents commenting on the project.

Council carried a second motion setting the public hearing on the matter for March 29 in council chambers. 

If approved, the Tranquility Base facility will be a great addition to the Water Valley/Winchell Lake area, providing a unique and luxurious camping experience for guests to connect with nature in a beautiful setting. The public hearing will allow residents to express their concerns and provide feedback before making a final decision.

Featured image from Tranquility Base Glamping Retreat.

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