Gas City Campground Offers More Serviced Sites, Options for Summer Camping Season

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Campers at Gas City Campground in Alberta will have more options in the upcoming camping season as Federal stimulus funds enabled the city to transform several sites in the southeast region of the campground into full-service, summer of last year.

The improvements also include two new comfort cabins, expected to be ready by next month.

According to a report, although the city hasn’t been actively advertising the cabins, interest has been high, and reservations are already being made past mid-June.

This summer, higher fuel prices might be a reason for residents to use Gas City Campground, said Scott Richter, recreation manager for the City of Medicine Hat parks and recreation department.

“We have quite a number of people that really enjoy camping locally, within 50-kilometer range, so it’s not too bad in terms of who we draw,” said Richter.

However, “I think the long-distance haulers from Texas and California might be a bit of a stretch this year.”

Richter said that the addition of fenced off-leash space for dogs and also the new mountain bike trails next to Gas City Campground could also bring visitors to the campground.

This story originally appeared on Chat News Today. Featured image from Gas City Campground.

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