Council Approves Connection of Didsbury Campground to Town’s Wastewater System

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The town of Didsbury council (Alberta, Canada) has approved the proposal to allow Rosebud Valley Campground to be connected to the wastewater collection system with an estimated cost of CA$20,000.

According to a report, the decision was made during the recent regularly scheduled council meeting.

The municipally-owned campground, situated on the east side of the town isn’t currently connected to the town’s wastewater system. Instead, the campground’s washroom facilities are serviced from an onsite septic tank managed by a local contractor.

“In 2021 the cost to empty the septic system was approximately CA$7,100,” said Ethan Gorner, the town’s chief administrative officer. “It is expected this cost will be CA$14,000 in 2022 as rates from the contractor have doubled.”

Gorner said that the administration recommended that the town finish the campground sanitary force main tie-in in 2022 and pay for the cost of the connection through the campground reserve fund.

The estimated project cost is CA$20,000, leaving the campground reserve fund with CA$11,918.

This story originally appeared on Mountain View Today.

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