Alberta Parks to Offer Year-Round Campground Reservations

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Alberta Parks (Canada) is changing its online reservation system. According to a report, instead of only catering to campground reservations on a specific day, beginning on January 11, the reservation system will be accessible all year.

“This means no more stressful launch dates and better access to campsites for all Albertans,” Alberta Parks‘ Facebook update reads.

Interested campers will now be allowed to reserve individual campsites 90 days in advance and 180 calendar days ahead for comfort and group (cabin/cabana) campsites.

Advance booking is possible every morning starting at 9:00 a.m. Alberta Parks officials explain that this change was implemented to ensure fair and equal access to customers and call center users.

The province is also cutting the number of consecutive nights. Albertans can book campgrounds ranging from 16 to 10 to enable fair and equitable access for all campers.

Alberta Parks reported that since 2019 there had been a 150 percent growth in the number of camping operations throughout the province.

Albertans can camp at one site for 16 nights based on the Alberta Parks reservation site. However, it requires multiple reservations to be able to do this.

This will help reduce booking cancellations and changes, allowing more Albertans to experience camping in the provincial parks.

A complete list of campgrounds along with their first day of booking can be found at

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