Alberta Named As One Of The Most Breathtaking Destinations In 2023

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As the end of the year approaches, National Geographic has curated this list of the top 25 most stunning places and adventures for 2023, and one Canadian destination was included on the list: Alberta.

One might believe that hearing Alberta and “breathtaking” together this time of the year is due to the cold winter weather in the region. However, it’s the reverse, as reported by Yahoo! News.

National Geographic wrote Alberta is known for its natural wonders such as The Athabasca Glacier and Banff National Park, both situated high on the Rocky Mountains; its wide-open prairie views; and the modernity of glass and steel in cities such as Calgary as well as Edmonton.

Explore how centuries-old traditions and modern perspectives interact in Indigenous tourism outfitters from Alberta, Canada.

National Geographic highlights visiting Elk Island National Park, situated close to Edmonton and a place that fosters a historical culture that dates back 8000 years. The park offers guided hikes, hands-on interpretational programs that use ancient stone tools, and a Cree workshop for making.

There are also a lot of roaming bison that one could be able to catch a glimpse.

The park is located in the Beaver Hills Dark Sky Preserve, a fantastic spot to stargaze and even see Aurora Borealis. Aurora Borealis in the winter.

Visitors can also see rock carvings and paintings on sandstone formations and rock spires of the UNESCO World Heritage site Writing-on-Stone/Aisinai’pi of the Milk River Valley.

Another spot to explore can be one of the Edmonton River valley, where you can skate on the Victoria Park Iceway. It is a path lined with trees and is illuminated with rainbow patterns at night.

Alberta is also a good location to visit if you’re planning to take a snowshoeing trip. Haskin Canoe offers snowshoe tours and rentals in Edmonton which allows you to go on more than 150 km of trails.

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